Knowledge - Tips for sellers

Some tips for sellers

Certain conditions may promote the sale of your property.

1) The enhancement of your property

The enhancement of a property is not easy. Without altering the interior of an apartment or a house, it is possible to present the property well at its best by following a few simple principles.

One rule to observe is to make it more "impersonal" so that potential buyers can "identify with" the place at the first visit. This appropriation of place therefore requires that the property be as neutral as possible in order to expand its market to customers who are increasingly demanding. Attention here, you should hear the lack of "personality" of a property by a simple decoration, not sadness.

Identify the best hours of exposure to achieve optimum lighting is a guarantee of successful visit. Do not hesitate to let us know the hours most favourable to the development of your property to provide visits in this time slot.

A calm environment is also a true luxury. Without mistaking potential buyers on the real surroundings of the property, it remains imperative not to devalue an apartment during a visit sometimes exposed to moderate punctual discomfort. To know your property well, is also to focus on quiet time for serene visit.

- When you occupy your property

Make sure your apartment is presented in the best conditions. Clean, tidy, and ventilated, your property will have to move towards certain neutrality in its decor and furnishings. The more the apartment is "crammed" (furniture, picture frames, trinkets), the lesser the chances to generate interest and encourage requests for visits.

- When your property is leased

The tenant of a property is required to keep and maintain the apartment in good order. Informed of the sale, the tenant will facilitate access to the apartment according to the visitation right recorded in the lease agreement.

- When the property is completely vacant

An unmanned property is often more difficult to showcase. The absence of such furniture often reduces the size of the rooms. A minimum investment can overcome this vacancy. Thus we can promote large spaces by regular maintenance of floors and enlarge rooms with clean windows without curtains. Sometimes, forgetting a single detail is sufficient to prevent any visit of a good property. For example, an electricity contract in progress is imperative to allow visits late and opening shutters.

In all cases, to avoid any error or a prejudicial approximation of the sale of your property:

  • Make sure you have the deed or a copy of the certificate of ownership of your property
  • Make a copy of the plan of the apartment if you have one in your possession.
  • Collect letters of authorizations obtained during renovation
  • Your last annual charges statement will also be necessary to have a specific amount to communicate to potential customers.
  • Do not hesitate to ask the trustee of the property concerned, an updated copy of building regulations

2) Receiving a bid

Following a successful visit, your real estate agent Miells is ready to send you an offer. The latter will be accompanied by a written commitment to transfer the deposit or a copy of the deposit cheque to be cashed at the notary if you were to give a favourable response.

This offer, you can either accept it or make a counter offer likely to be closer to the price and terms you feel legitimate. In this phase, you will work closely with your realtor Miells who will recommend the best options.

Once agreed on a price and the conditions of the offer, both the parties will file the document with the notary, and the deposit collected by him will seal the deal.

The follow-up is usually a notarial authentic deed although a phase of compromise is possible if the parties agree on the implementation of this intermediate step. Once the deed is signed, you are the owner.

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