Private broking - For Tenants

Our rental customers deserve permanent assistance

MIELLS & Partners meets the needs of customers wishing to rent a property in Monaco. This is an important decision, which, according to the circumstances may be more appropriate than an acquisition. You can count on the services of a dedicated broker who will accompany you to offer you the most suitable options (neighbourhoods, type of property, residences), and the conditions that best suit your needs.

Renting is ideal for a first settlement before a final acquisition in order to better understandthe real estate market, know the neighborhoods, the desired environment and to find outwhat suits you bests. For example, if your job has recently been located to the principality, renting is the obvious option, allowing a quick and efficient transition. You can then, over the years, redefine your choice according to your preferred neighborhoods. Miells and Partnerswill always be at your side to assist you.

The market in the principality is in constant evolution; it can be difficult to understand as it issupported by a strong demand but a fluctuating supply. The supply of available property isnot subject to any particular rule. In addition, the market is not under the influence of seasonal demands, this does not exist in the private sector in Monaco (rental lease for aterm of one year minimum) - except a few resorts which are dedicated to home rentalsavailable for one to six months.


Miells and Parnters is proud to be a member of the Monaco Real Estate Chamber which responds to a selective admission criteria and complies with internal rules, including the rigorous professional approach and quality of advice. Each negotiator, observing these ethical business practices, protects your interests as soon as you select a property. He will advise you, depending on the type of lease, your rent, insurance and subscription policies required.

The broker is present with you to explain the legal and administrative requirements as well as the various laws governing the Principality of Monaco. We can offer you apartments that we have in our portfolio management, but also those ofthe entire real estate market in collaboration with other agencies of the Principality (this changing nothing to the agreed fees). It gains time for you and results in a better understanding of your needs.

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