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How to Style Your Bookshelf - A Guide to Monaco Interior Design

Posted by Hanushka Toni - 2018-12-11

You would think that a bookshelf is just a place for books, think again. Beautiful interiors and impeccably curated shelves are once again high on the agenda - and nowhere more so than in Monte Carlo property.

Increasingly, we are finding that clients looking to buy a luxury property in Monaco stipulate an interior designed finish at the top of their wish list. So here’s our guide to getting it right, whether you’re on a budget or have cash to splash, a stylish result is guaranteed.

Inspiration is Everywhere - the Best of Monaco Property

When decorating your own apartment, don’t be afraid to look for inspiration around you - be it from coffee table books or pinterest, there’s plenty out there.

Especially in the realm of Monaco real estate, inspiration is all around - for example, among many apartments for sale in the Carre D’or is this gem of a flat in Mirabeau. This Monaco property is an example of interior styling done right - with a sleek monochrome colour palette softened by sumptuous accessories and modern finishes.

In particular, the bookshelf adopts a “less is more” aesthetic, steering clear of clutter and keeping to a neutral colour scheme.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re decorating a rental apartment in Fontvieille or are simply scrapbooking the dream apartment you will one day buy in Monaco - the rules of the game are immutable.

Dress shelves with clusters and pairs of complementary objects to add interest. Try not to go too symmetrical with your arrangements, favouring an organic way of positioning your accessories.

Books, Books and More Books

Whilst style is the goal, practicality should not be forgotten, you are dressing a bookshelf afterall. Alternate between stacking books on top of one another or lining them up with attractive agate bookends either end.


Shopping for Accessories

As any homeowner will know, shopping for a new home is among the most thrilling things known to man - up there with bungee jumping and tubs of Ben & Jerry's.

Luckily, Monaco is home to a plethora of boutique interior design shops designed to cater to the myriad of apartments for sale in Monaco as well as its luxury rental properties.

Shops such as Sabrina Monte Carlo on Boulevards des Moulins or the interior design shops in Métropole Shopping Centre are all worthy destinations for elevating your accessories game.

Dress shelves with clusters and pairs of complementary objects to add interest. 

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