Mixed-use Apartment for Rent Monaco

mixed use apartment in monaco

Great flexibility is one of the benefits of looking for a mixed-use apartment for rent. Monaco has many, which tenants use as homes, offices, or both.  Tenants appreciate being able to adapt the way they use their apartments over time according to their needs.


Sole traders, such as translators or writers, can work from home with the permission of the owner for the duration of their leases, under certain conditions.

For certain other types of business, for example, a public liability company with no employees, there are also advantages to opting for a mixed-use apartment for rent. Monaco law allows entrepreneurs to set up a business at home for up to two years during the start-up phase if no opposing legislative, regulatory or contractual provision exist. They must be the leaseholder, the leaseholder’s spouse or be living with the leaseholder and the business should not involve receiving clients or storing or displaying goods.

Many owners buy mixed-use apartments - which are advertised as such - and then rent them to businesses or private individuals.

Mixed-use apartments for rent, Monaco


With a surface area of just 2.02km2 and limited space for residents and businesses, it is not surprising that Monaco has many mixed-use buildings and apartments. Mixed-use apartments in the Principality are often situated in buildings where residential, and/or commercial, cultural usage is possible. People who live and work in these mixed-use buildings enjoy have amenities, such as shops, restaurants and offices on their doorsteps. Most mixed-use apartments are located in its older residential buildings.

The advantages of a mixed-use apartment


Mixed-use buildings bring vitality to the neighbourhoods where they are located and residents and office workers become customers for the shops, restaurants and cultural venues.

For a company, a mixed-use apartment may help reinforce team spirit, as sharing facilities such as kitchens can create a homely, family feel. Often, a business owner will have various options for the layout of the office space and can adapt it when need be. In addition, many mixed-use buildings in Monaco have a concierge service, which means that business clients will be greeted at a reception desk.

If you are looking for a mixed-use apartment for rent, Monaco has a selection in all its districts. Please contact us to arrange a visit of any of the properties below. If you do not see the type of apartment you are looking for, we can help you in your search.

Advantages of a mixed-use apartment for rent:

  • The use can be adapted over time

  • Flexible layout

  • Often in a dynamic environment

  • Shops and restaurants within easy reach

  • Helps reinforce the team spirit of a business

  • Possibility of benefitting from a concierge service