Easy Access Apartment for sale Monaco

easy access apartment in monaco

In the Principality, it should not be overly difficult to find an easy access apartment for sale. Monaco residences mostly have lifts, particularly in the high-rise buildings. But there are exceptions.

Easy-access Apartments

Monaco apartments for disabled people or anyone requiring easy access due to reduced mobility will be difficult to find in Monaco-Ville (the Old Town) or in the oldest residential buildings of La Condamine and Les Moneghetti. Although these neighbourhoods are very picturesque,  apartment buildings with lifts are extremely rare.

While nearly all modern buildings have lifts, some may have steps leading to their entrances. It is important that potential home-buyers who contact Miells & Partners tell us during the initial phone call that they are looking for an easy access apartment for sale. Monaco staff will then bear this important criterion in mind while looking for property and ensure that  they do not organise viewings of unsuitable properties.

Similarly, apartments on two or more levels can be found in all districts of Monaco and these will not be suitable unless an appropriate system for ascending and descending the staircases can be installed.

Facilitating mobility

In addition to offering numerous possibilities for people looking for an easy access apartment for sale, Monaco generally caters well to those with reduced mobility. Due to the city-state’s steep terrain, the government has long established a system of lifts linking the different districts. The beaches in the Larvotto district are well adapted for people with disabilities and staff will assist bathers with the floating wheelchairs at their disposal.

A map of Monaco is available to help people with reduced mobility plan their routes. It  features the width and type of pavement surfaces, the height of kerbs on pedestrian crossings, the steepness of roads and other useful information.

Please contact Miells & Partners and allow us to accompany you in your search for an easy access apartment for sale in Monaco.

The advantages of an easy access apartment for sale in Monaco:

  • Increased independence for people with reduced mobility

  • More convenient for parents with pushchairs and prams

  • No need to carry heavy shopping upstairs

  • • More convenient for elderly people

  • • Makes life easier for cleaning staff with their equipment

  • • Underground parking usually give residents direct access to their apartments with a lift