Marketing - Networks


Our agency has a network of various partners and actors in the Principality of Monaco and abroad.

To meet the needs of exclusively Russian-speaking customers and to meet them, MIELLS & Partners has a corresponding agent in Moscow. It also manages our dedicated website: This "mirror" website is really well indexed on search engines and directories in the Russian-speaking web display. Our correspondent can respond directly to queries that are addressed to him.

British customers are traditionally very present in the Principality of Monaco. Our exclusive partner in Britain "Prestige Properties Group" lists all of our assets to provide customers with reliable and updated information. We work closely together to provide the best service, as well as appropriate advice.

Similarly, if we are able to recommend the best providers of services (banking, insurance, yachting, etc..) in the Principality of Monaco, they also promote the linking of high-potential customers. Working in synergy, we know how to favour and defend the interests of our mutual customers.

Finally, MIELLS & Partners strives to make your move to the Principality easy. Whether you own or rent, we can help you permanently in all your endeavours, even before your arrival: formalities for obtaining a residence permit, site supervision in case of renovation, hiring a maid or a gardener, enrolling your children in school ... Everything will be done to ensure that you feel at home as soon as possible.

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