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Providing Property Management Expertise For Our Home Owning Customers

Choosing to place your property on the rental market is a commitment that is not always devoid of interest of risk. Property management at MIELLS & Partners alleviates the hassle of the renting process, as our property management experts do it for you. 

Beginning The Property Management Process

Within the Principality, leases are a minimum of one year however, many tenants choose a longer term. On initiating our property management services, our associates will set a price for your property that is competitive and fits Monaco’s evolving market. With expertise in analysing real estate trends, the price we set will ensure your property generates the best possible income for the duration of each lease. 

Our property managers will then highlight the aspects of your property that are desirable with the rental market, and advertise based on these across various marketing touch points. 

In finding potential tenants, our real estate brokers will assess their suitability, ensuring that they are qualified and can meet the price set. Once a tenant has been agreed, our legal associates and accountants will complete the transaction, and organise the payment of a commission fee as set by the Real Estate Board of Monaco at 10% (+VAT) of the annual rent, which will be paid by the tenant on the signing of the contract. 

As part of our property management services, we conduct a dedicated technical follow up service at the beginning and renewal of each lease; from the equipment operation check up to the reinstatement of the premises. 

Miells & Partners Property Management Monaco - The Added Value Effect

Property management in monaco can be complex, due to the rules and regulations within the Principality however, at Miells & Partners we take care of all the formalities for you - from legal and administrative, to social and technical - our experience in Monaco property management is paramount. 

On a daily basis, our property managers will protect your interests, selecting the best stakeholders and negotiating favourable rates. With contacts in architecture, construction and other trades, our partners are on hand to ensure the upkeep of your house. Our property management services can also monitor and organise the  payment of bills (water, gas, electricity, telephone, maintenance contracts, etc.) assistance with private and public organizsations (insurance, water company, post, telecommunications, EDF, GDF) and the management of home staff. 

With our comprehensive range of property management services in Monaco, there has never been a better time to contact Miells & Partners. 

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