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Property for Rent in Monaco with Two Bedrooms

Property for rent in Monaco with two bedrooms

A particularly desirable commodity, property for rent in Monaco with 2 bedrooms offers flexible living in one of the world’s best places to live. Versatile in terms of space, convenient for families and individuals alike, real estate with 2 bedrooms in the Principality is in high demand within the local market and ticks most boxes for prospective renters. One of the leading real estate agencies in Monaco, Miells & Partners understands the allure of 2-bedroom apartments. Browse the properties in our portfolio of
Monaco property for rent to find your next home.

About properties for rent in Monaco with two bedrooms

While many families opt for 2 bedroom apartments in Monaco, those wishing to operate a business in the Principality are also attracted to the extra space. Thanks to favourable laws concerning the use of apartments here, businesses can often operate from real estate that was previously used for residential purposes – determined on a case by case basis. The team at Miells & Partners can assist with the property search for either use.

Residences for rent in Monaco with two bedrooms

Whether used for children, guests, or as an office, a second bedroom is an enviable amenity in a territory that is short on space. As such, an additional bedroom often sits at the top of the wish list for many property hunters in Monaco. 2-bedroom properties do not tend to last long on the market; it is important to act fast to secure the property of your choosing.

Why rent a property in Monaco with two bedrooms with Miells & Partners?

Miells & Partners brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the real estate industry in Monaco. Our experienced property agents can oversee the rental of your dream 2 bedrooms apartment in the Principality, from the initial consultation to the finalising of the deal and beyond. We speak a number of languages for your convenience and we are always on hand to meet your requirements.

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For more information on properties to rent in Monaco with 2 bedrooms or to view any properties in our portfolio, please get in touch with a member of the Miells & Partners team on +377 97 97 29.   


  • • Spacious Room

  • • Investment Potential

  • • Guest Space

  • • Storage Space

  • • Compactness

  • • Resale Potential