Mixed-use Apartment for Sale Monaco

mixed use apartment in monaco

Great flexibility is one of the benefits of looking for a mixed-use apartment for sale. Monaco has many, which serve as a home, an office, or both.  Owners appreciate being able to adapt the way they use their apartments over time to suit their needs. 

Mixed-use apartments in Monaco

Mixed-use apartments are often located in buildings that combine residential, and/or commercial, cultural usage within a small and dense area. People who live and work in mixed-use buildings enjoy easy access to numerous amenities, such as shops, restaurants and offices. It is not surprising that in Monaco, which has a surface area of only 2.02m2, there are many mixed-use buildings and apartments.

The advantages of a mixed-use apartment

The concept of mixed-use buildings stimulates variety in design to accommodate the different residents so a mixed-use apartment for sale in Monaco will usually be in a well-designed building.

Generally, mixed-use developments reduce traffic and pollution as residents use their cars less. Pedestrian-friendly environments are created because of the short distances between work, home, commercial and recreational destinations.

Mixed-use buildings bring vitality to an area and fuel economic growth as families become customers for the shops, restaurants and cultural venues.

For a business, a mixed-use apartment may help reinforce team spirit, as sharing facilities such as a kitchen can create a homely feel. Often, a business owner will have various options for the layout of the office space. In addition, many mixed-use buildings in Monaco have a concierge service.

If you are looking for a mixed-use apartment for sale, Monaco has a selection in all its districts. Please contact us so we can arrange a visit of the properties below. If you do not see the apartment that meets your requirements, please let us know what you are looking for.

Advantages of a mixed-use apartment for sale:

  • The use can be adapted over time

  • Flexible layout

  • Often in a dynamic environment

  • Shops and restaurants within easy reach

  • Helps reinforce the team spirit of a business

  • Possibility of benefitting from a concierge service

Attractive Apartment in Boulevard de Belgique


2 Bedrooms | 65 m2

In a residential district 3 roomed apartment fully renovated


Large Studio Apartment in Monaco


50 m2

Very large studio apartment with a terrace and permission for use as an office.


Studio in Parc Saint Roman


29 m2

Perfectly proportioned studio in Parc Saint Roman with a bright and sunny aspect, as well as access to a swimming pool, sauna and gym


Studio ideal for office space


21 m2

Bright, peaceful studio located in Chateau d'Azur, which can be accessed from Boulevard d'Italie and Boulevard du Larvotto. The studio is well laid out and can be used as an office.