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How Monaco Architecture is Evolving | Miells & Partners

Posted by Colette Flowerdew-Kincaid - 2019-10-28

Monaco architecture cannot be defined by just one style - instead, it is a stunning combination of Belle Epoque creations, Art Deco constructions and ultra-modern skyscrapers. More and more, we are seeing Monaco’s older buildings being torn down to meet the demands of international buyers; since Monaco is limited to 2.5sqm by its geography, there is simply no space to build without eliminating another building. All this means that the Monaco skyline is constantly changing,  At the same time, the Principality’s limited space and challenging geology, placed on the side of the mountain, means that architecture in Monaco is exciting and experimental. Here, we look at some of the most standout residential buildings, from Belle Epoque to state-of-the-art.

Modern contemporary designs

The older buildings may have endless charm, but today’s buyers are looking for more spacious apartments, more luxury amenities, and buildings finished to such a high standard that they only need move in. Here are three of the latest and most exciting additions to the Monaco architecture scene.

Le Stella

Le Stella was designed by Jean-Pierre Lott and Alexandre Giraldi, two brilliant architects responsible for several other spectacular developments in Monaco. Its bold front is instantly recognisable in the La Condamine district, with wavy white balconies stylishly jutting out at uneven angles, while spacious gardens harmonise La Stella with its surroundings. 

Tour Odeon

The vision behind the Tour Odéon was to create a real symbol for Monaco - a tower that stood out amongst the rest and proved that modern architecture and design have their place on the Mediterranean coast. Another visionary project by architect Alexandre Giraldi, it has definitely succeeded - the Tour Odeon is universally renowned.

Villa Carmelha

This unique eight-storey project is currently underway and is set to be crafted entirely of wood - a real innovation in Monaco architecture. The architects in charge of the project are Atelier VII and Studio Bellecour, who explained that the building will have a very low carbon footprint; hence, Villa Carmelha will show that beautiful structures can also be friendly to the environment, leading the way for future properties.

Monaco architecture: The highlights

Historic buildings

The constant evolution of architectural styles and designs means that you can find an array of beautiful buildings in Monaco, with styles spanning Belle Epoque from the turn of the 19th Century to more recent Art Deco work.  Discover three of our favourites below.

The Victoria

A beautiful example of Art Deco architecture in Monaco, the Victoria comprises 150 apartments in a truly unique space. Design features such as the cylindrical glass corner rotundas, typical of the architect Kevork Arsenian in his work on the Côte d'Azur, provide a source of fascination for those interested in historic homes.

Le Mirabeau

Le Mirabeau is 81 metres of iconic modernist architecture, transformed from a luxury hotel into a glamorous place of residence in 2010. The exterior remains in typical 1970s style, while the inside has been updated to form the ultimate 21st Century home. Residents can enjoy stunning views of the Mediterranean sea and the rugged mountains from their large, spacious balconies.

Villa de Rome

A stunning building replicating the designs of the Belle Époque era, the Villa de Rome is a vision in pretty pinks and luscious green foliage. This Versace-style palace is located in the very heart of Monaco between Carre d'Or and Port of Monaco - the perfect location for modern-day royalty!

Monaco’s multi-faceted uniqueness is demonstrated through its architecture, which is bold and constantly evolving. Next time you visit, don’t forget to look up; you never know what architectural gem might surprise you.

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